Paper bags

Whenever a recipe calls for coating chicken, I have found that using the old-fashioned method of putting the dry ingredients into a lunch-size paper bag and then adding your chicken (that has usually been dipped in butter, etc.) into the paper bag and shaking it is by far the best method.  It is better to only add 3 or 4 pieces of chicken at a time.

Fried Pork Skins


Baken-Ets’ Fried Pork Skins by Frito Lay contain only fried pork skins and salt.  They have no carbs.  If you would have asked me a year ago if I liked fried pork skins, the answer would have been emphatically “No!”  However, these have become one of my favorite snack in place of chips or crackers for dipping (e.g., Fry’s dill dip).  If you buy a flavored bag of fried pork skins, make sure to check the ingredients and label on the back (e.g., some have MSG, etc.).  Yum!! ♥

Carbmasters at Fry’s


Just another helpful tip that you all know about, but Fry’s has a yogurt called Carbmaster.  This really isn’t your normal yogurt per se but more like a greek yogurt (which I didn’t think I would like).  However, these have around 4 net carbs each.  I haven’t tried all of the flavors, but my favorites so far are banana cream pie, caramel spice cake, tropical fruit and carrot cake.  I also like to add slivered almonds or shredded unsweetened coconut or strawberries or blueberries into my Carbmaster.  This is a great breakfast food and tastes like dessert!  🙂

Chompie’s Low Carb Bread


I believe I shared this with everyone but I found low carb bread made by Chompie’s at Sprouts.  The sesame bread has only 1 net carb per slice and the cinnamon raisin bread has only 2 net carbs.  It is obviously more expensive than regular bread and it requires refrigeration but it is not too bad.  I really like the cinnamon raisin bread toasted with sugar-free jam.  I also used it this morning to make french toast with sugar-free syrup.  Yum!