Chompie’s Low Carb Bread


I believe I shared this with everyone but I found low carb bread made by Chompie’s at Sprouts.  The sesame bread has only 1 net carb per slice and the cinnamon raisin bread has only 2 net carbs.  It is obviously more expensive than regular bread and it requires refrigeration but it is not too bad.  I really like the cinnamon raisin bread toasted with sugar-free jam.  I also used it this morning to make french toast with sugar-free syrup.  Yum!


2 thoughts on “Chompie’s Low Carb Bread

  1. It’s 7/19/2016 and I just discovered Chompies bread by happenstance chatting about my LoCarbHighFat diet with a Sprouts cashier. Turns out I got the last loaf that day at Sprouts. I came back twice more to get more and after not seeing it stocked the 2nd time I found the bakery guy. The bakery guy said it was no longer on their order list and was discontinued. Bummer. Amazon has it but with $11 shipping it’s 27 bucks! I live in Phoenix. I don’t know how prevalent Chompies restaurants are anywhere else, They are sprinkled around here. I visited the one in Scottsdale, lo and behold they had a shelf of their bread products and I picked up 2 loaves right there for 6 bucks each. Super!


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